Calabria is a region of southern Italy, specifically the region just in front of Sicily, colloquially the tip of the Italian boot. It is divided into 5 provinces, three of them historic (Reggio Calabria, Cosenza and Catanzaro) and two recent ones (Crotone and Vibo Valentia). The capital is Catanzaro.  R  e a d M o […]


Tokyo is one of the most interesting cities in the world where your eyes will be delighted to see so much perfection from marketplaces, viewpoints to temples. You can visit this interesting city through underground tunnels that will take you to all those tourist attractions that you want to know; highlighting that you will also […]

Dutch caribbean islands

The Kingdom of the Netherlands consists of four parts: Holland and the Caribbean islands Aruba, Curaçao and San Martin. However, only Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba (the BSS islands) are special Dutch municipalities since October 10, 2010. This region is better known as the Caribbean Netherlands and represents the exotic part of the Netherlands. READ […]


The leading destination in African safari and beach travel, offers beautiful white shores, exploration and observation reserves, romantic scuba diving, swimming with dolphins, honeymoons and guided tours of high level. Not to mention its friendly people, artisan markets, rich historical architecture, spice trade, traditions, culture, its environment and its adventure activities. This enigmatic country of […]


There are many places to visit in Stockholm, one of the most amazing and beautiful cities in Europe. With a privileged location in an archipelago of more than 24,000 islands, a historic center full of charming corners and several spectacular museums, Stockholm is perfect for a few days’ getaway. READ MORE. . .